How Martha Karua Will Avoid Uhuru-Ruto-like Fallout With Raila

June 21, 2022

Martha Karua has assured Kenyans that she will not fall out with Raila Odinga should they form the next government.

Speaking on a Monday, the Azimio La Umoja running mate promised to respect Mr Odinga. She said her main focus would be delivering results to Kenyans.

Martha also noted that in case of a disagreement between them, she would work to resolve them privately.

“I know the role that I was called to serve and that is to be Raila’s running mate. So, I will give him the respect he deserves, and likewise, he will do the same.

“If we have arguments, I will not be the type to talk evil of him. Sometimes, you may differ on opinions but such things are solved behind closed doors. The public wants results and not other theatrics,” she told the press.

Karua gave an example of how she resigned from Kibaki’s cabinet. “I was a minister in Kibaki’s government before resigning. I delivered in the job I was given. When I resigned I did so respectfully.”

She added: “I respect my captain Raila and I will never disrespect him or Kenyans. I am ready to work for Kenyans, I pray that God guides me.”

Martha Karua at the same time assured voters that they are better placed to fight corruption in the country.

“We have fought this war on corruption before and with the right captains in office, the war shall be won,” she stated.

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