Things To Know About Lucky Carol, Producer Behind ‘Sol Family’, ‘This Love’, ‘Concert Nyumbani’

April 4, 2022

Carol Ngunjiri aka Lucky Carol is the head of production at Documentary and Reality Studios, which has produced a number of notable TV reality shows such as This Love, and Sol Family, among others.


I studied film production kwa ground, literally. I joined the industry as a hungry intern trying to make a name for myself and be resourceful. I knew nothing about film production but I always knew I loved media and communications. Now I head production at D&R Studios.

I can’t necessarily pick my best productions. I have poured my heart, creativity, and hard work into all the projects I have touched. I mean from “Foods of Kenya”, “Concert Nyumbani” which honored frontline workers and selfless Kenyans in the dark times of the pandemic, “Sol Family Season” which was nominated on Kalasha Awards, “This Love” and the list goes on.

My take on cancel culture is that it’s a biased approach to addressing real societal issues. I recognise fully the need to call out wrongs or vices publicly, however, we often end up ruining lives instead of dealing with the underlying issues.

Based on most of the recent happenings in Kenya, it seems to be true to say that the boy child has been the major victim of cancel culture. He has often been discouraged from embracing their emotional side, in a twisted way.

In my defense as to why I love junk, it’s the simple fact that I can’t help it when people feel the urge to surprise me with cakes and chocolates. One minute I’d be having a green smoothie in hand, just to find a box of chocolates on my doorstep or office.

Someone once asked, what’s the point of me exercising and at the same time consuming junk? Hear me out now. I work out for a number of reasons and my physique is last on the list; I work out as a way to sharpen my mental capability, discipline and resilience as well as relieve stress.

Jokes aside, I strive my best to eat well and consistently despite having a Swahili mother and a talented chef for a sister who are always spoiling me with sweet treats and snacks.

I’m barely a party animal. You’ll often find me enjoying my whiskey on the rocks somewhere cozy and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, once in a while I’ll turn up with my girls properly.

A friend recently wondered out loud, why do I appear to post cheeky content on TikTok while remaining reserved on Instagram? Short answer, TikTok is fans only, haha! But seriously let’s say I am a multi-faced woman. I can be fun, feisty, funny, flirty, fierce or firm and serious where need be.

I am also passionate about children and women’s affairs; I volunteer in service to this agenda often. I hope to do more especially in the fight against gender-based violence.

I have a keen interest in the fashion industry. Besides running my online jewelry shop; Simba Jewels, you may spot me modeling for some fashion and commercial brands.

I have broken someone’s heart but not intentionally. When I love I love hard so if a heart was broken, they definitely caused it themselves.

The kind of man I consider a gentleman is a kind man, a confident man, a man who keeps his word.

The last gift I received from a dude, was a trip to one of the best holistic spas in Nairobi for a full body scrub, sauna and deep tissue massage.

One thing I have achieved ahead of time is Self-love and awareness; I know what I want and acknowledge the work required to get to where I desire. In a world that always wants to tell you who to be and where you should have been at a certain age, I am happy and at peace with myself.

I wouldn’t know which celebrity I am very close to. I mean I have made such great friendships with most of them as a result of my line of work. Each of them has a unique connection.

Would I date a celeb? Mmh! Not too sure. However, when it comes to dating, does being a celebrity really matter? Isn’t it just about the two human beings and the connection they share before anything else? Ama?

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