Foreigner Killed in Nairobi Robbery Incident After Night Out With Girlfriend

April 28, 2022

Detectives in Nairobi have launched a manhunt for a gang that shot and killed a Slovenian national in a robbery incident along Mombasa Road in Nairobi on Tuesday night.

Peter Virag, 56 was shot in the chest and died on the spot during a confrontation with the robbers, police and witnesses said.

The deceased was in the company of a woman said to be his girlfriend and their driver when they were attacked at around midnight.

Reports show they were returning home to Great Wall apartments in Mlolongo after a night out at the Imaara Mall.

The driver and the girlfriend said after they left a club at the mall they drove for a few kilometres along Mombasa Road and stopped at the service lane around the Cabanas area. This was to allow Virag to take over the car and release the driver to head to his home in Embakasi.

During the handover, the girlfriend left to relieve herself. As Virag and the driver waited for her, two armed men emerged and confronted the foreigner, demanding money and mobile phones.

The deceased reportedly resisted and threw his wallet into the backseat of the car as he tried to fight off the gang.

The woman returned and found the robbery ongoing as the driver pleaded for mercy from the gang.

During the confrontation, one of the gunmen fatally shot Virag. The gang made away with his mobile phone, Sh86,000 that was in his wallet, and the mobile phones of both the woman and driver.

The woman also lost her purse to the gang. The witnesses told police they tried to administer first aid to the deceased in vain.

Police noted they were alerted about the incident by a truck driver. They visited the scene and recovered an empty pistol magazine.

No arrests have been made but investigations are still ongoing.

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