I Built My Mother a House Despite Getting Sacked, DJ Joe Mfalme

March 29, 2022

Seasoned turntablist Joseph Mwendwa Munoru, alias DJ Joe Mfalme, says he had the busiest year of his 13-year career last year following his sacking from Homeboyz Radio.

DJ Joe was sacked alongside Shaffie Weru and Neville Muaysa for comments they made about a woman who was reportedly thrown from the 12th floor of a building by a man after declining his sexual advances.

The former resident DJ at Capital FM maintains they were victims of the ‘cancel culture’ and believes they should have been let off with a warning.

“Look, I don’t want to go back to that. I am a guy who hates drama, but that was just it. I mean, in the corporate world, where did you see someone getting fired for the first mistake? If whatever we did was wrong in their view, at least a warning should have been issued first. You live in this country. We have seen worse scenarios with no action taken,” Mfalme told the Sunday Nation.

“For us, we were only trying to share insights and we almost got killed. I have been in the entertainment industry for years. We witness such situations from time to time in nightclubs, all these entertainment joints and even at events. But after what happened, I will never try to be the hero again. No matter how ugly the situation I see turns out, I will always turn a blind eye,” he said.

On life after “getting canceled”, DJ Joe Mfalme said he was surprised that none of his business partners pulled out. In fact, he had such a good 2021 that he managed to build his mother a house.

“Surprisingly, no brands disengaged. It was even more surprising to me that in my 13 years of deejaying, last year was the busiest. My phone just couldn’t stop buzzing with many brands, corporates and people wanting us to work together. I did a lot of year-end parties and corporate launches in 2021. I even managed to build my mother a house, despite all that drama,” he said.

DJ Joe Mfalme also mentioned that his salary at HBR was equivalent to what he makes in one night.

“Sometimes we do what we do out of love. I mean, what they paid me monthly was a good amount, but it is an amount I make from one of my Wednesday night gigs,” he said.

Mfalme also gained more followers on social media, something he said is a plus, especially in this era of digital marketing and influencing.

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