Elsa Majimbo on Dropping Out of College: ‘I Knew I Would Succeed’

March 23, 2022

Elsa Majimbo has explained her decision to drop out of college, saying she was confident that she would succeed in her online craft.

Speaking in Los Angeles, the 20-year-old internet sensation said she realised she can achieve her dreams without a college certificate when one of her videos garnered 100,000 views.

Coupled with her dislike for school, Elsa Majimbo dropped out to focus on online comedy.

She was studying journalism and had approximately 7K followers when the pandemic hit in March 2020.

“I try to live my life like a white man, I walk around with no fear and the assumption that anything is possible,” Elsa explained.

”People think I dropped out of college when I hit my first 100,000 followers. I actually dropped out when I got my first 100,000 views on a video because I am so confident in myself and I knew I would succeed. And for me guys I did not like school so for me I was like I need to make this work,” she said.

Elsa also recalled how she told off one of her teachers for disapproving her decision to follow the arts.

“I remember one of my teachers a lecturer who did not like me emailed me and she said ‘hey Elsa I know that you are really popular right now but these things don’t last, I think that you should stay in school and focus on your study’ to that I gave a very simple reply and wrote back thank you for your concern but I am a star,” she said.

Elsa Majimbo was a keynote speaker at the She Believes summit in L.A.

Presented by Deloitte, the 2022 SheBelieves Summit is part of U.S. Soccer’s ongoing campaign to empower young women and girls to accomplish their goals and dreams in sports and beyond.

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