Watch: Raila Drops Campaign Anthem ‘Leo ni Leo’ Remix

February 16, 2022

Finally! After days of building anticipation among Kenyans, ODM leader Raila Odinga alias ‘BabaTheArtist’ has released his first-ever song.

Dubbed ‘Leo ni Leo’ the track is a remix of the original by Benga composer, instrumentalist and singer Emmanuel Musindi.

Musindi and Raila premiered Leo ni Leo remix on YouTube on Tuesday, much to the delight of fans who could hardly wait any longer. In just four hours after its premiere, ‘Leo ni Leo’ had garnered 42,500 views.

In the three-minute and 17 seconds video, Raila performs alongside Musindi and a host of dancers.

‘Leo ni Leo’ music video premiered on AzimioTv’s YouTube Channel. The song has been Azimio’s campaign anthem during political rallies in recent weeks.

Watch Baba The Artist and Emmanuel Musindi performing Leo ni Leo below.

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