Revealed: How Much Wayu Wayua Makes on OnlyFans

February 18, 2022

Popular Instagram influencer Wayu Wayua is one of the Kenyan content creators making a killing on OnlyFans.

Wayu, who boasts a huge fanbase on Instagram and TikTok thanks to her titillating pictures and dancing,  joined OnlyFans in April last year.

She says it was about time she monetized her content instead of showing it for free. Wayua also insisted she is not selling explicit content contrary to the misconception that OnlyFans is about nude photos and videos. She added that she does not even need to buy likes or views to get the desired reach, perhaps the audience is gathering naturally on OnlyFans and the growth rate is decent.

“First off, OnlyFans isn’t about s3x or bad things. For me, I am not explicit. I won’t put those dirty videos on there as people think. But the same thing I used to put on Instagram some nights, that’s the only thing I put on Onlyfans. Why should I give you these things for free on Instagram when I can make money. So pay for them,” she said.

Wayua added: “I know that my audience likes that. When I did that one video and Edgar Obare posted it went viral.”

The YouTuber also mentioned she understands the consequences of joining OnlyFans and is okay with it despite some brands refusing to work with her.

“I know the consequences of doing this. There is a good side and a bad side and I  tell myself that if I can take the negatives and live with it, then that’s o.k. There are some brands that don’t want to work with me.”

“At the end of the day, I want to do what makes me happy and comfortable. Otherwise, I am still making money,” she stated.

So how much does she earn on OnlyFans?

“On a good month, I got more than $1000 dollars and don’t forget that it’s a side-hustle,” she revealed.

Wayua charges subscribers $20 per month.


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