Judge Sankale’s Ex-Driver Tells Court About his Escapades with Different Women

February 23, 2022

A former driver for the underfire court of appeal judge Sankale Ole Kantai has told the court about the Justice’s escapades with different women.

In the case where Judge Kantai is challenging his prosecution over the alleged murder of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen, investigators unearthed a trail of intimate text messages between the judge and Tob’s widow, Sarah Cohen.

In the texts, the DCI said Sarah referred to Kantai as ‘love”. According to the DCI, the Judge convened several meetings with Sarah Cohen at different places, locations, and dates to plot Tob’s murder.

The investigators also established that Kantai had paid for Sarah’s plane ticket from Nairobi to join him in Kisumu where they spent a night in room 405 at the Acacia Premier Hotel.

It has now emerged that Sarah Cohen might not be the only woman Judge Kantai had escapades with.

This is according to his former driver Jackson Lutoma Masista, who worked for the Judge for three years.

In an application filed in court, Masista recounted Kantai’s numerous interactions and escapades with several unknown women.

The driver says during his time with Judge Kantai, he was tasked with picking and dropping female acquittances whom the judge never formally introduced to him.

“Though l cannot vividly recall the dates and specific times. I recall that at some point, we spent three nights out with the judge and his female acquittance at Amboseli National Park,” Masista said.

In another instance, the driver said he drove Justice Sankale and another different woman to Panari Resort in Nyahururu where they spent two nights.

The driver also recalled another escapade in Migori between the Judge and another woman who was said to be married.

“I verily recall my last experience with the judge and another woman from Migori county whom l picked from Queen Barclays Bank in Nairobi and dropped her and the judge to Migori. As we travelled to Migori, they were exchanging pleasantries from the back seat,” the driver told the court.

Adding: “On arrival at the lady’s home in Migori county, the judge and the lady proceeded inside the house. After a while, l was informed that there was a group of individuals outside the house who wanted to ambush the judge accusing him of sleeping with another man’s wife.”

The driver told the court he rescued Judge Kantai from the angry crowd who wanted to lynch him.

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