Raila Likens DP Ruto to a Monkey over Jacaranda Chaos

January 20, 2022

Raila Odinga has slammed Deputy President William Ruto for accusing him of instigating chaos at a UDA political rally at Nairobi’s Jacaranda grounds.

According to the ODM leader, Ruto has sensed defeat ahead of the August presidential election, hence the unfounded accusations against him(Raila).

Speaking at City Hall in Nairobi Tuesday, Raila insisted his supporters are not violent. He further likened Ruto to a scared monkey sitting on a tree.

“There are people saying … ODM supporters threw stones to disrupt their meetings. We want to say none of them did that, and none of our people have thrown stones to disrupt any ongoing meetings.

“We will face them and beat them with votes. They have seen a tsunami coming and that is why they have become like a monkey that is seated on a tree seeing the wind coming. I want to tell them to wait; we will deal with them face to face,” Odinga declared.

Raila further urged Kenyans to come out and register as voters, promising to facilitate the process.

“There is no sleeping. Every morning, get up early and go there to register, and even the IEBC wants to work till night time, it is okay. Money is there and we shall release it,” he said during the launch of a voter registration drive in Nairobi.

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