Magoha Directs Teachers To Destroy All Success Cards Bearing Politicians’ Portraits

January 12, 2022

National exam season is approaching, and it happens to also be the political season.

Traditionally, this means that politicians will go out of their way to wish success upon candidates. Not because the pupils and students vote, but rather as a way of endearing themselves to their parents.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha wants nothing to do with that.

He has directed teachers and education officials in partnership with county commissioners to destroy all success cards bearing political portraits, before they reach the students.

“Ensure you destroy any success messages sent to students bearing political portraits without fear or favour. Our children are not in politics they are just children,” he said.

Magoha was speaking at Mwiyala Secondary Schol in Kakamega county, where he was breaking ground for CBC classes.

The candidates will sit for the national exams in March, following disruptions to the education calendar brought about by the Covid pandemic.

The CS further had a message to politicians, particularly those who will take over after this administration.

“As civil servants, we are mandated to ensure the continuation of government programmes and we appeal for those who will take over after President Kenyatta term ends to ensure the already existing programmes go on without interference.

“We are heading to a transition period in our country and politicians are politicians, one can come up with his or her own views which may disrupt the education of our children.

“Politics should not be allowed to interfere with the administration of December exams as, by next year, the academic calendar will go back to the dates it used to be before the country was hit by Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

KCPE exams will take place between March 7 and March 10, while KCSE exams will take place between March 11 and April 1.

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