Kambua Makes Impassioned Plea on Behalf of Bereaved Parents

January 11, 2022

Gospel musician Kambua says the death of a child is the most difficult death for survivors to endure.

The celebrated singer lost her second-born child last year just a few days after he was born. On Monday, she took to social media to detail the pain of losing a child.

“I’m reading a book that I would highly recommend for anyone grieving the loss of a child. The author points out that when a husband dies, you become a widow. When parents die, you become an orphan. But there’s no title given to a parent who loses a child. When we don’t name things, they remain out of reach,” she wrote.

According to Kambua, child loss is taboo, something she has learned firsthand.

“Child loss is so taboo. I have learned this first hand and also through people I love who’ve walked the journey. The stigma, the shame, the criticism, the judgement, endless questions and unsolicited advise. But I have learned to guard my peace fiercely and at all costs,” she wrote.

“I remember a friend who would blog about the babies she’d lost and would get comments like, we are tired of hearing about your dead babies. That is how low we go.”

Kambua vowed to use her platform to spark uncomfortable conversations; “not just for me but for many others who don’t have the courage to,” she wrote.

She also made a plea to everyone to be there for anyone who might be grieving the loss of a child.

“I say this to urge you to extend grace to those around you who are walking this journey. It is one of the loneliest journeys yet. And you need not say anything; just be there.”

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