Hilarious Memes After Miss Mandi Was Accused of Bullying Ex-Capital FM Colleague

January 21, 2022

What can we say about Kenyans on Twitter(KOT) that we haven’t said before? They are simply the gift that keeps on giving.

On Wednesday, Kenyan Twitter users once again showcased their penchant and expertise for making light of any situation during the latest ‘Twitter chaos’ sponsored by vlogger Miss Mandi.

It all started when the former Capital FM presenter Miss Mandi tweeted her apparent dislike for people that don’t hold themselves accountable for their actions.

I truly dislike people who aren’t big on accountability. You can’t go around doing things that hurt people then are afraid to be accountable for your actions. You’re stunting your own growth,” Miss Mandi tweeted.

While the message is valid, it is the messenger Twitter users had a bone to pick with.

If there’s one thing KOT love to hate, it is pretentiousness. In fact, Mandi must have known what was to come because she disabled commenting on her tweet.

This however did not stop a barrage of public backlash as internet users called out Mandi for preaching water but drinking wine.

They revisited some controversial incidents in which Mandi allegedly failed to take accountability for her hurtful actions. Some of her accusers were people known to her, mostly former colleagues in the media industry.

One of them was Koome Gitobu, Mandi’s former colleague at Capital FM. He detailed how Mandi created a toxic work environment for him by bullying and humiliating him in front of colleagues.

Just sitting here watching the person who constantly terrorized and brutally bullied me the entire time we worked together talk about accountability.

This woman. Would constantly call the entire office to a stop to make fun of my clothes when I didn’t have enough money to buy the trendy shit she and her friends thought only those deserving to be in their presence to wear.

This woman. Made up such hurtful nicknames for me behind my back. And laugh in my face because I couldn’t afford to order fancy food for lunch so I would cook my own food and carry.

This woman. Felt because I didn’t have an accent as well-polished as hers I, therefore, was not deserving to be a radio presenter like her. And would happily remind me whenever I crossed her (which only happened when I breathed near her),” Koome tweeted.

By Thursday evening, Miss Mandi was still a trending topic as the accusations against her continued to mount.

Amidst all these, KOT still found some humour from Mandi’s purported mistreatment of Koome.

We have compiled some of the best memes below.

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