Sonko Reveals How Friends Set him up against Uhuru Kenyatta

November 25, 2021

Former Nairobi county boss Mike Sonko says his fallout with President Uhuru Kenyatta was masterminded by people he considered his friends.

In an interview with KTN on Tuesday night, Sonko said the “friends” misled him into relinquishing Nairobi county functions to the national govt.

“I was fixed by people pretending to be my friends. When I was signing the transfer of functions to the National Government, I was misled…not by the President, but by his people,” Sonko claimed.

Sonko also narrated how he was duped not to sign documents approving the disbursement of funds to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

“These are the people who came and incited me telling me the President trusts me. The same friends advised me not to sign the budget.

“They went back to State House and told Uhuru that I refused to append the signature. What happened next is that the President gave the green light for my impeachment and he is even on record saying it,” Sonko said.

The politician insisted that his impeachment was illegal as both the county assembly and senate lacked quorum.

On his relationship with President Kenyatta, Sonko said: “We are not as close as how we used to be. You know what transpired and some of the issues are still before the court but I respect him as the President.”

The former Nairobi senator declined to disclose his political plans for 2022, saying he is focusing on exposing the rot in the judiciary.

“For now I will not mention my political ambitions. Let me deal with hii kisirani yote then everything else will follow. A time will come for politics. The important factor at this juncture is to rescue the millions of Kenyans who have been denied justice,” he said.

“Kenya’s Judiciary is about who is the highest bidder and that we must fix it.”

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