What to Expect at Uhuru, Central Parks After Renovations

November 25, 2021

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) will reopen Uhuru Park and Central Park to the public in February next year.

The parks have been undergoing renovations for more than a month now having been closed in late September.

NMS Head of Strategic Communications Tony Mbarine said NMS is upgrading the parks using their own contractors and not a private contractor, allaying fears Uhuru Park has been grabbed by a private developer.

Mbarine said come February, Kenyans can expect modern parks. He said the renovation exercise involves fitting in modern facilities and amenities which the parks have been lacking for many years.

According to the NMS official, Uhuru and Central Parks were designed for people in the 1960s and 80s who were less than one million at the time.

He said Nairobi has over four million residents now hence the need for a major uplift.

“The grass has not been managed well where it was more weeds than grass, no services, no amenities like proper toilets, no activities for kids except bouncing castles and others brought from outside. We are now improving the features by putting up facilities that will make the parks look modern,” he said.

“NMS was created to undo things that have been done wrong as well as do things for the public good. This is our chance to fix the park,” he added.

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