Jalang’o Narrates How He Bought First Benz After his Company was Auctioned

November 19, 2021

Media personality Jalang’o has narrated a story of how he bought his first Mercedes Benz some months after his company lost everything.

Jalang’o, who runs a marketing and advertising business called Arena Media, said his company ran into debts between 2010 and 2011.

This was after one of his first clients delayed the payment for a job that Jalang’o had borrowed money for.

“So, they gave me the job…I went and got money from a lender. We put together a cast, shot the video and put up the billboards. The client was happy and said we would wait for the money,” Jalas narrated.

He continued: “Two weeks turned into four months, four months turned into five…I used to pay my employees with my salary before they left after we got auctioned.”

Jalas said the auctioneers took everything, including fancy office furniture he had been gifted by Caroline Mutoko. He pleaded with them to leave a chair and they did.

The Kiss FM presenter said he went on with his life and managed to clear all the debts he owed.

As luck would have it, the client who owed him later reached out with the good news that his payment had been processed.

Jalas wasted no time and re-furnished his office, recalled his staff, and bought them laptops.

I put a statement at Kenya National Theatre saying that if you were working for Arena Media and you left because we were auctioned your space is there you can come back,” Jalang’o said.

The pay was so good that Jalang’o splashed some of it on his first Mercedes Benz, a black E250.

The Lang’ata Parliamentary aspirant even joked that his co-host Kamene Goro currently drives the same model he had years ago.

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