Twin Terror Explosions Near Parliament, Kampala

November 16, 2021

At least two explosions were heard on Tuesday morning in Kampala, just two weeks after the country suffered two other explosions in a span two days.

Today’s explosions happened outside Jubilee Insurance building, along Parliament Avenue. There was no immediate word on casualties, but cars were filmed burning on the street minutes after.

There has been a heightened security situation in the region over the last few weeks, with rumors of an impending terror attack.

Kenya has particularly been on high alert. On Monday morning, 3 dangerous terrorists escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison. Last week, a club on Mombasa Road was evacuated and closed indefinitely following reports of a terror attack.

There have also been reports that police on leave have been recalled, perhaps to act on specific intelligence.

Todays explosion in Kampala will only lead to more questions as to what is really happening.

This is a developing story…

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