Alfred Mutua – How I Attained Financial Stability

November 11, 2021

As he prepares to face off against his former partner Lillian Ng’ang’a in a property dispute, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has revealed how he built his wealth.

This week, Mutua lost the first round of what is likely to be a protracted battle after a Nairobi court dismissed his application to have the case transferred from Nairobi to Machakos.

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Meanwhile, Lillian Ng’ang’a gave a candid interview in which she claimed that she came up with the idea of the A&L Hotel and co-invested.

The hotel is at the centre of their dispute after Alfred Mutua allegedly transferred a 45% stake in the company that owns A&L Hotel from Ng’ang’a to his sister.Lilian Nganga Alfred Mutua

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On Wednesday, Governor Mutua appeared to indicate that he is a self-made man as he revealed how he attained financial stability.

In a lengthy post on social media, Mutua outlined his employment history and noted that Dubai stabilized his finances.

Read his full narration below:

DUBAI – the place that stabilized my finances.

I have spent a few days in Dubai on my way home. I feel motivated to share:

I was comfortably working as a lecturer and also as a foreign correspondent in Sydney, Australia. I had a PhD and even served as a Communications Director for a massive organization. I was on my fifth year in Australia and things were looking up and up.

My expansive work got me noticed and I was head-hunted to work in the United Arab Emirates. I received an e-mail while I was on the island of Bioko in the capital city of Equatorial Guinea called Malabo, offering me a job. I was reluctant at first but a few months later, the thought of being close to home tipped the scales (plus the hefty pay package they offered).

And so, I came to Dubai to be an Assistant Professor of Communications and Media at Zayed University. I then transversed the Middle East researching and writing. I embarked on making films in the region and at the same time got a lucrative consultancy job with a leading media house in Kenya. I had several weekly columns in newspapers in Kenya (remember Msafiri?) and was becoming reknown as a communications specialist.

It was then that Kibaki’s Government noticed me and found me and I quit my Dubai job and came to Kenya (taking a huge pay cut), to be the country’s founding Government Spokesperson.

It was working in Dubai, though, that stabilized my financial world. I was able to use the monies I made there to clear all loans and buy properties, including land in Kenya. I was also able to buy equipment for my production company (did someone say Cobra Squad?) and undertake many other investment ventures.

I came back home to serve my people and I feel blessed that I came back financially stable because of my time and opportunity offered to me in Dubai. For that, I will always be grateful to Almighty God.

– Pic: Outside Dubai mall – still a bit jetlagged – but quite happy and relaxed.”

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