Actor Shaniqwa: I Helped My Wife Get a Job Then She Started Cheating on Me

November 2, 2021

Comedy actor Kevin Mwangi, popularly known as Shaniqwa, has revealed how his marriage with Naomi Jemutai also known as Mkale Msungu ended in premium tears after he lost his job.

The cross-dressing comedian dropped the bombshell during a YouTube interview with Jeff Kuria on Sunday, October 31.

Shaniqwa said his marital woes started days after KTN fired him as the Life and Style co-host of a weekly show that ran on Fridays.

To make ends meet, Mwangi did contract jobs that were barely sufficient for his family.

“At the time after I was fired, my life was in shambles due to hard economic times as I couldn’t afford to pay rent and provide day-to-day basic needs for my wife and small child, Kevatin Khangi,” he said.

“I didn’t even want people to know I was fired but yes, I lost the job and lost hope,” he added.

It was not long before house agents started seizing his household items to settle the rent arrears. He was eventually evicted.

Fortunately, Mwangi had a friend who took in his wife and child for some time. The actor also helped his wife to get a job at a friend’s electronic shop.

“A friend called me and told me he would host my family. I did not want to tell my friends and so, I could not even post anything on social media since I was so stressed. I had a friend who had an electronic shop. I organised my wife a job, and she started working,” Shaniqwa said.

Consequently, the content creator became a stay-at-home dad.

“Mostly I was left with the child because my work was not so demanding, I would even shoot my videos outside the house. I would wake up in the morning, cook for the kid, wash the kid and stay with him daily as she went to work,” Mwangi said.

When his wife’s job started picking, she started cheating on him. Even on her days off, she would leave the child with Shaniqwa and go out with her lover, the actor said.

“People started sending me photos on Instagram asking me if I had left her. She had blocked me on Instagram, so I could not see. Photos of her kissing in the public were sent to me. I even received a call from the man’s girlfriend complaining about my wife having an affair with her man,” he said, further urging netizens to stop tagging him in photos of his exwife.

Shaniqwa Mwangi said after a physical altercation between the two, the wife left with the kid and moved in with the man.

“We would get into fights and one day she decided to pack her bags and leave. She wasn’t there for me and my child. So this predicament made me fall into depression and I started drinking,” he stated.

“After I started drinking, one day I fainted in the house as I had not eaten for three days.”

Mwangi would later reach out to Jalang’o in a text that changed his life.

“One day I woke up and sent a message to Jalang’o in the morning. After his breakfast show, he called me and asked me, ‘My bro are you okay? I gave him my story, I had not paid my rent for seven months,” he recounted.

“Jalang’o asked me what I wanted him to help me, I asked him to pay my rent. He asked me for the landlord’s number. He cleared the rent and paid two more months.”

Shaniqwa also started shooting videos with fellow comedian Ithagu Kibicho alias Henry Desagu and things started looking up for him.

When his financial situation started improving, Shaniqwa said his wife called and asked to come back only for her to leave again after two days.

Now we wait and hope that Naomi Jemutai Mkale Msungu agrees to tell us her side of the story.

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