Tim Wanyonyi to Badi: Your Time is Up, Fold Up NMS in March

November 2, 2021

Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi says the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) should stop operations in the city when its two-year term expires in March, next year.

Wanyonyi, who last week declared his interest for Nairobi governor in 2022, opposed any plan to extend the term of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

The MP said the Deed of Transfer of functions signed between former Governor Mike Sonko and the national government stated that the four transferred functions would remain under the national government for a period of 24 months before the functions are transferred back to the county.

“The county functions were transferred for a specific time and that time was 24 months. This will expire next year before the elections. The functions will then be returned to City Hall because those are devolved functions and they don’t belong to the national government,” said Wanyonyi.

The MP however noted that his sentiments should not be misconstrued to mean he is faulting the national government for getting involved in the management of the city-county government.

“We are not saying that the national government should not participate in the management of Nairobi, they have the right to because Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and also hosts several offices belonging to international organizations. However, NMS’ time will expire and then they will return the functions to the county government,” he said.

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