3 Terrorists Who Escaped from Kamiti Arrested in Kitui

November 18, 2021

The search for the three terrorists who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison on Monday morning is over.

The three included Musharaf Abdalla, who was convicted of attempting to attack the parliament in 2012; Joseph Juma Odhiambo, who was arrested in 2019 at the border between Kenya and Somalia for planning to join the terror group al-Shabab; and Mohamed Abdi Abikar, who was convicted his role in for al-Shabab’s attack on Garissa University in April 2015.

Following their escape, a bounty of Sh20 million each, or Sh60 million in total was placed on their heads.

There has also been incredible fallout after the news broke, with the recent being the head of Kenya Prisons being sacked. 7 Kamiti Prison guards have also been jailed.

On Thursday morning, the three were arrested together in Kitui county. It was reported that security agencies in the county were on red alert after locals reported that they had spotted them at Malalani shopping centre.

Reportedly, the three looked exhausted and bought a lot of milk, water, biscuits and other snacks. Alarm was raised when they apparently asked for directions to Boni Forest.

“They appeared confused and lost, unaware of the geography around them. They were asking how they can connect to the Garissa or Tana River counties from the area,” a trader in the town told Nation.

One of them was limping, and they did not have any luggage on them.

Kitui County Police Commander Leah Kithei activated all security agencies in the region.

“The information has also been shared with counterparts in neighbouring Tana River and Garissa counties,” Ms Kithei told the Nation on Thursday morning.

“If indeed they’re the ones, we’ll definitely get them. It’s a matter of time.”

Indeed, the three were tracked down and apprehended.

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