DCI Director Kinoti Sentenced To 4 Months in Prison

November 18, 2021

In a rather interesting twist, Director of the DCI George Kinoti has been sentenced to 4 months in prison.

This is following his failure to obey a court order that required him to release firearms belonging to politician Jimi Wanjigi.

The ruling was made on Thursday morning by High Court Judge Anthony Mrima. The judge had directed the DCI and the Inspector General of the Police, in January 2019, to return all firearms and ammunition taken from Wanjigi’s house in 2017.

The firearms are one Smith and Wesson pistol, one Glock pistol and an assault rifle.

On 27th September, Kinoti failed to attend court, instead filing and affidavit. Wanjigi then filed a contempt of court proceedings against him, and wanted him committed to civil jail.

Now, judgement has been rendered and Kinoti has been ordered to surrender to prison within 7 days, failure to which the IG should issue a warrant of arrest against him.

According to Judge, that warrant will remain open even after Kinoti leaves office, in case the IG fails to execute it now.

“In the further event the IG of Police fails to execute the warrant, the same shall remain valid and be executed anytime including when Kinoti leaves the office of the DCI,” said Judge Mrima.

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