Watch: Babu Owino Interviews His Wife Fridah Ongili

October 28, 2021

Because Babu Owino never ceases to surprise Kenyans, the Embakasi East MP on Wednesday, October 27 interviewed his wife, Fridah Muthoni Ongili.

The firebrand lawmaker shared a video of the interview on his socials, writing: “Today I had a rare OPPORTUNITY to INTERVIEW my WIFE Fridah Ongili on matters Family, Business and Religion.

“Hii ni MOTO sana.What a SHOW, what a WIFE.”

The 20-minute interview starts with Babu Owino singing Fridah’s praises, leaving her blushing.

“Today I have a rare opportunity to interview one of the most beautiful ladies around…a gorgeous woman, an intelligent woman, a responsible woman, a loving woman to her husband and a responsible woman to her kids…the one and only Fridah Ongili,” Babu says.

To which Fridah responds: “That was a very nice introduction …aaawww thank you babe.”

In the interview, Fridah talks about her educational background, revealing that she scored 443 out 500 marks in KCPE.

She joined Loreto High School in Limuru where she went on to score an A-minus. Fridah later joined the University of Nairobi and pursued a degree in Economics. She also studied accounting and business management.

Fridah told Babu Owino that she worked at I&M Bank before she quit to pursue her passion in fashion through her brand, F&M.

The couple also delved into their marriage, with Babu Owino asking Fridah why she chose to marry him in spite of all the controversy that seems to follow him.

“Why did you choose to marry this controversial man?” Babu Owino asks.

Fridah responds: “You are a good man. I think that sums it all. You have a heart of gold and I was able to see it from the first time I met you…I always saw your goodness and I was understanding of your background.”

Watch the full interview in the video below.

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