Sudi: My IQ is Enough, I Will Prove You Wrong

October 29, 2021

Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has insisted that his academic credentials are legit days after a Nairobi court heard that he never sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exams (KCSE).

The outspoken lawmaker said he will prove everyone wrong in the case in which he is charged with forging a diploma certificate from the Kenya Institute of Management.

Sudi said the case is just beginning and the only people who have since testified are prosecution witnesses.

According to Sudi, he has his own side of the story and people should stop talking like the world is ending.

“The people saying Sudi is not going to be on the ballot next year, I want to assure you I will be on the ballot. I will prove you guys wrong,” Sudi said.

The Kapsaret MP went on to brag that his IQ is sufficient and that he has achieved more than people with Master’s degree.

“I have seen people saying they have degrees and I want to tell you this and I’m not bragging, my IQ is enough,” he said.

“Where I have come from and where I am going, it will take others with degrees and Masters degrees years to get there.”

The case which has been in court since 2015 continues on November 17, 2021.

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