Raila Odinga Reveals If He Has Offshore Accounts

October 7, 2021

ODM Party leader Raila Odinga has delved into the bombshell ICIJ Pandora Papers leaks saying there is no problem with Kenyans opening offshore accounts.

The former Prime Minister however noted that offshore accounts are acceptable as long as they are not used to siphon state resources or commit corruption schemes.

“I don’t see if there’s any problem owning an offshore account. It’s only improper when the accounts are opened to stash money acquired through corruption. Ideally, the public needs to be told how, when and why the money is being stored in the foreign accounts,” he said.

Raila Odinga also disclosed that he does not have offshore accounts.

“I have no offshore accounts. All my wealth is within the country. I am playing locally,” he said.

Odinga, who spoke to Kalenjin radio stations on Wednesday, called on those who have wealth outside the country to declare the same.

On the Kenyatta family being exposed by the ICIJ Pandora Papers, Raila said the truth will be revealed.

“I am sure the truth will come out. The President has said he will give more details on the claims. I want every Kenyan with offshore accounts to come out and declare them,” he said.

Raila at the same time called for scrutiny of wealth held by lawyers on behalf of corrupt state and public officers.

“I have been in Government, and I know there are many temptations that come with being a senior State official. A businessman would approach you, and tell you: ‘look, do this favour for me, and I would give you funds that you’d store in secret accounts’. From the onset, I told them: ‘no, that is the work of the devil. You’re like a devil tempting Jesus. I remember, from the Bible, Jesus told Satan: ‘go away!” he said.

“I know there are many temptations State officers are subjected to but I’d advise them to resist the urge to engage in wrongdoing,” Raila said.

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