Kenyans Working in Gulf Countries are Picked From Koinange Street – MP David Sankok

October 29, 2021

Nominated member of parliament David Ole Sankok has sensationally claimed that Kenyan women who work in the Middle East as domestic workers are picked from Nairobi’s “red-light” district, Koinange Street.

Sankok spoke from Saudi Arabia where he met with the country’s Ministry of labour’s officials to discuss the plight of Kenyan workers in Gulf countries.

In a post to his Facebook page, Sankok pointed fingers at recruitment agencies, accusing them of sourcing labourers from brothels such as Sabina Joy.

Ole Sankok claimed that these agencies do not train immigrant workers properly.

“From my assessment, the problem is Kenya recruitment agents pick girls from Koinange street, bars, and brothels and export them as immigrant workers without pre-departure training on laws, traditions and cultures of foreign countries.

Sankok in a meeting with the Kenya ambassador to Saudi Arabia H.E. Peter N.R.O Ogego

“Even back home you can not pick a househelp from Koinange Street or Sabina Joy and expect house services without parental control,” he wrote.

Sankok said when he returns to Kenyan, he will institute amendments to the labour migration laws that will require Kenyan immigrant workers to have good morals and the right education.

“We will lobby executive to fast-track the signing of bilateral agreements that will protect all Kenyan workers in the Middle East. We will not allow families to send drug addicts for rehabilitation to the Middle East disguising as labourers. We will not allow prostitutes from Sabina-joy to go to the Middle East with hidden agendas disguising as immigrant workers,” he declared.

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