Arimi’s Denies Claims They are Rebranding Iconic Packaging

October 27, 2021

‘The makers of popular milking jelly Arimi’s (Kikuyu for farmers), have been forced to issue a statement after mockups of a proposed new packaging found its way to social media.

Arimi’s is a beloved product, having been in the market for decades, in the same packaging.

Originally marketed to cow farmers as an actual milking jelly, Arimi’s has found its way to Kenyan psyche, and is now a go-to product for all purposes.

It is particularly loved for being quite plain and natural, unlike other products that are full of perfumes and all manner of unknown additives.

Responding to reports of the new packaging, Arimi’s state, “To all our esteemed customers and users of our products, we are not rebranding, the circulating brand is just someone’s suggestion. We stick to our initial brands! Otherwise enjoy the greatness of your skin care.”

The mockup was the work of Twitter user @thetriggahappy1.

“I did the unthinkable, I decided to rebranded your favorite brand as a slightly premium product. This is a passion project, I hope you like it,” she tweeted on Saturday.

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