Calvin Sewe, 31, is a fashion designer, stylist, and fashion consultant specialising in women’s clothes. He is also the founder of Sewe Kenya, a fashion house in Nairobi.

How did Sewe Kenya come about? 

I ventured into the fashion business 10 years ago, and I can say it has been a smooth journey.

I went ahead and sharpened my skill from YouTube and named my brand after myself. My collections gain inspiration from a blend of art and music.

What’s the difference between Sewe Kenya and Ricks by Sewe?  

Well, at Sewe Kenya, we are known for our diverse custom-made gowns and celebrity performance attires while at Ricks by Sewe, we offer ready-to-wear outfits.

What makes your brand stand out from the rest? 

Well, you’ll never get our outfits anywhere else. But honestly, it’s the commitment in us; we not only make our clients look good, but also make sure that all body types and sizes are perfectly taken care of.

Why do you specialise on women’s fashion? 

As earlier said I’m passionate about fashion. I started as a thrift shopper but wasn’t satisfied with it.

I found myself making small adjustments to suit the design in mind, but that wasn’t enough.

So, I decided to acquire some skills in tailoring. I would redo the thrifted clothes, especially for women, and resell.

I rarely do men’s outfits because I have perfected the art of creating fits for women.

Tell us about the creative process that goes into designing the outfits?  

I am actually so adventurous when it comes to my creativity. Many of my gown concepts come from nature and colours, especially blue and red.

Normally, I  recreate anything from my previous designs, giving it its own unique touch. Colours are some of our key elements.

Besides texture and prints, colour is an important aspect when it comes to tailor-made outfits.

Are Kenyans more open to tailor-made outfits? 

Yes they are, and it’s a beautiful feeling seeing a client dressed in an outfit I have designed.

We build Kenya by buying Kenya and I continuously urge more Kenyans to embrace tailor-made outfits.

How is the tailoring business during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Of course we were also adversely affected. When the events reduced, the tailoring business also went on the down low. But I thank God we are slowly getting back on track.

One common mistake women make while shopping is? 

Not going for outfits that suit their body type. There are so many outfits that suit different body types and it’s up to the women to know what suits them and are comfortable in.

Do you believe style is about consistency? 

Yes of course. Fashion has changed over the years and as we know style, it’s all about replicating a certain look over and over again. Nothing goes away forever per se.

Who is your best-dressed man and why?

Retired footballer David Beckham is quite diverse when it comes to fashion. I love his simplicity and his style is catchy and outstanding.

Name a few celebrities that you have styled for. 

They are quite many, but I can name just a few of them. They include fashion guru and media personality Anita Nderu, and artistes Femi One, Nadia Mukami, and Avril.

Photos/Instagram: @sewe_kenya & riks_by_sewe