Jowie Called Me at 2 AM To Ask If I Had Paraffin, Witness Testifies

September 30, 2021

The cross-examination of witnesses in the Monica Kimani murder trial of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie and Jacque Maribe continued Wednesday, with a neighbour of the accused taking the stand.

Brian Kasaine Spira told Justice Grace Nzioka that he knew Jowie as his neighbour at Royal Park and as someone who was working as undercover security personnel.

Kasaine testified that Jowie also told him that he once worked in a Dubai private Military.

“He later informed me that while in Kenya, he used to be guard politicians including Senator Joyce Lay and MP Babu Owino. I have also seen him severally in the company of John Muhoho(son of President Uhuru’s uncle George Muhoho),” Brian said.

Jacque Maribe, John Muhoho and Jowie Irungu

The witness recalled that in July 2018, Joseph Irungu went to his residence and found a pistol holster which he later borrowed after informing him he was also a licenced gun holder.

He said Jowie borrowed the gun under the pretext of perfecting his skills in firearm stripping and assembling as well as close door combat.

“Since I knew he was an undercover officer, I agreed and gave him my pistol which he kept for two days before returning it saying he had cleaned it for me,” he told the court.

Brian added that Jowie borrowed the firearm again on September 9, 2018, but this time, he kept it for a longer time since Brian had traveled upcountry.

The said gun is the one that Jowie shot himself with.

He also recalled the events of September 20, 2018, the day that police believe Jowie tried to destroy evidence.

Brian claimed that Jowie gave him a WhatsApp call at around 2:00 am to ask if he had paraffin or anything flammable like air refresher in the house.

“I was asleep with my wife when his call woke me up. He enquired if I had paraffin in my house. I asked him why he needed the paraffin, and he said there were things he wanted to burn. I, thereafter, told him that I did not have the flammable substance,” said Kasaine.

“I got surprised at such request of those items by him such late hours,” he disclosed.

At around 3:00 pm later that day, he met Jowie along the corridors on his way to Maribe’s House.

“I wanted to borrow their car keys so that I could go and pick up my son from school. He(Jowie) was wearing a white vest, grey sweat pants. He was in deep thought and distracted,” he said.

Kasaine said he “jokingly” asked Jowie why he was looking for paraffin in the middle of the night.

“Jowie replied, ‘tulikuwa job fulani na Muhoho na nikama alidunga mtu kisu’ (I was with Muhoho yesterday for an assignment and it’s like he stabbed somebody),” Brian said.

He claims Jowie also said: “nilitaka kuchoma vitu fulani lakini nilitumia air freshener,” while pointing towards the empty plot across their house.

Brian Kasaine also recounted the events of the night that Jowie shot himself.

It was around 1.00 am on September 21, 2018, when he heard his gate shaking while asleep with someone screaming in agony.

He dashed out to find Jowie lying on the ground bleeding and writhing in pain.

“He was bleeding from the upper part of his arm; near the chest. His fiancée, Maribe, was standing near him and had her phone in her hands. Maribe told me Jowie had shot himself,” said the witness.

The witness also mentioned that Jowie was accusing Maribe of evicting him from her house.

“He (Jowie) told her: ‘you want me out of your house? It is fine! Bury me in Lang’ata when I die’. He, thereafter, went silent. Maribe stood there quietly watching him.”

Kasaine said Jowie told him to access Maribe’s house and ‘secure the weapon’. He saw several bullets scattered on the floor and found out that it was the pistol that Jowie had borrowed.

“On entering the house, I saw a blood trail leading to the master bedroom. In the room, there were bullets scattered on the floor and a firearm. Upon checking the firearm, I realised it was mine,” said Kasaine.

He later rushed Jowie to Nairobi West Hospital in the company of Jacque Maribe and his wife.

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