CS Magoha To CBC Parents, “Who told you you’re just supposed to produce a child?”

September 15, 2021

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha has once again told off critics of the new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) while reminding parents that they must engage with their children.

Speaking on Tuesday, Magoha told parents that it is their responsibility to be involved in their children’s education.

“Every parent is intelligent… they must engage their children whether they like it or not because thta is why the children are behaving teh way they are. Who told you you’re just supposed to produce a child?” posed Magoha.

“As far as we are concerned we are going to do everything possible to ensure CBC is successful.”

And to those opposed o the CBC, Magoha said they should stop daydreaming as the govt will not stop the implementation of the new education system.

“This Competency-Based Curriculum is here to stay. In my life it is the most transformative thing I have seen. I used to be worried that our teachers would compromise it… Right now even the teachers love it,” said the CS.

“Those saying they will stop this, you are daydreamers…We are not going to stop.”

CS Magoha also dismissed concerns that the CBC is expensive and overburdening parents and children with work.

“Are we right to say that you want to go to court when we already have 5 million children happy to engage with CBC? They enjoy what they are doing. It is true there are challenges but why don’t you bring them in a manner that we can accept you are not doing it for other issues,” he said.

According to Magoha, individuals claiming that the curriculum is expensive and that teachers are not prepared for its implementation are only portraying themselves as fools.

“Who in Kenya does not know we have trained teachers on CBC? Why are we making things so difficult? What do people want to do when they demonise the most important thing that is going to be the presidential legacy project…

He added: “When you open your mouth and shout on television, don’t look like you did not go to school.”

Magoha was speaking during a breakfast meeting with Education stakeholders to discuss concerns raised on the Competency-Based Curriculum.

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