Why Ruto Can’t Work With Raila: “We are not Enemies but Competitors”

August 5, 2021

Deputy President William Ruto now says that he cannot work with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking during an interview at Inooro FM Wednesday, Ruto cited ideological differences. According to Ruto, Raila is only focused on constitutional reforms.

“Tufanye kazi gani? Mambo anayosimamia si kama zetu watu wa UDA. Yeye anaamini tupange katiba kwanza. Sisi hatuko na hiyo mambo… sisi tukifanya empowerment, yeye anasema tunapeana handouts,” he said.

“Wakati rafiki zetu wanatulazimisha tubadilishe katiba, wanatuambia kuhusu governance models…Lakini tukiwaambia mambo ya economic models wanasema ni academic…Tunajua hawaelewi na inawasumbua,” Ruto said.

Ruto further noted that Raila is not his enemy but his political competitor.

“We are completely on different spheres. Competition is also healthy sometimes. We are not enemies but competitors.”

The DP appears to have made a U-turn on working with Raila in recent months after he indicated he was willing to work with him in March of this year.

“Some people think I have problems with Raila. I do not. These differences are political. And there are things I agree with Raila. He is agreed on the need to form national parties and he is facing similar issues (in the opposition) I am facing of regional chieftains. And I want to say this: If anybody wants to partner with us to bring up the hustler, we have no problem. We support, we will work together,” said Ruto.

“Anybody who wants to join us to fight poverty and other things that ail the country is welcome. I will work with everyone who shares an approach to stabilizing the economy through the bottom-up model. If Raila is that person, what stops me from working with him?” he posed.

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