Kitui Animals ‘Visit’ their Owner in Hospital, Kenyans React (PHOTOS)

August 25, 2021

Kitui county appears to be the gift that keeps on giving with regards to bizarre occurrences that leave its residents and the country in shock and bewilderment.

Barely three months after the story of a snake that fell from the sky and bit a man who was driving, another spectacle has reportedly been witnessed in Kitui.

As the story goes, a patient who is admitted at a hospital in Kitui received visitors in the form of livestock. The goat and chickens are said to have stormed the hospital to check up on their owner.

While Nairobi Wire could not immediately verify these claims, pictures shared on social media captured a goat and two chickens in the vicinity of a hospital.

One picture captured the goat seemingly checking in at the receptionist’s desk as if to ask for directions to the ward holding its owner. Another shows a rooster and a hen atop an empty hospital bed.

According to a popular online forum, the “visit” left area locals and hospital staff in shock. As you would expect from Kitui county, a majority linked the incident to witchcraft.

“This is the first time we are witnessing such a thing in the whole of Kitui region. How can goats and hens visit the hospital to spend time with their owner? We suspect that this is witchcraft paraphernalia,” one resident is quoted as saying.

Another observed that: “These animals might have come to deliver important information to their guardian who had been away from them for a while. Perhaps they just missed her and wanted to show care by paying a physical visit to her.”

The wild speculations continued on social media, with Kenyan netizens also pointing a finger at witchcraft.

“Reincarnation of his dead relatives,” one internet user wrote.

Another added: “Hehe my Kitui friends will not rest for the next week or so.”

Another guy who must be fun at parties decided to be philosophical, writing: “Lakini mzungu alituchanganya akili kweli, eti kitu isiyo ya kawaida ikifanyika ni uchawi. Ile mental colonisation bado tunajiendelezea ndio itafanya hii nchi ikose kupaa.”

Below are some reactions from Kenyans on Twitter(KOT).

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