What is the Best Gift for a Wedding Couple?

July 28, 2021

Weddings of a friend or family member are happy occasions that celebrate the start of a new family and home. As a symbol of support to the new couple, it is customary to purchase a gift.  This is a wedding tradition that dates back many years, with the focus on gifts that a couple will appreciate. Here are some of the best gift ideas for a newly wedded couple.

Gifts for the home

Home décor

Traditionally, wedding gifts help the new couple to build the foundations of their first home together. Whilst practical items are needed in the home, you can also look at unique gifts that are an extravagance for the couple such as those you can find on this website. Gifts that will add a personal touch and remind the couple of their special day and their love for each other will become gifts that can last a lifetime and hold much meaning. 

Kitchen appliances

Alleviate the stress of starting out in a new home with the gift of a kitchen appliance. This is not just a welcome and practical gift but shows your support for the marriage through the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Whilst silverware, pans and a tea set are gifts that are often given to the couple on their wedding day, consider other items that they may not consider buying for themselves. This could be a juice extractor, food processor or a coffee maker which are great gifts for those on a limited budget. 


If you are a close friend or a family member. you may want to spend a bit more money on your wedding gift. This could include something practical like a washing machine, fridge or dryer. Other extravagant gifts could include a sound system. 

Two of a kind

Having tied the knot to become a couple, consider gifts of matching items. This idea suits any budget as the gift could be a pair of mugs, matching bathrobes, embroidered pillows with their names or any item that can be as well paired as the two individuals are.  

Wedding registers

Many couples create a wedding register of gifts they would appreciate and which they feel they need. A register of gifts helps remove the stress of choosing an appropriate gift and ensures the couple do not get multiple duplicates. Whilst some registers have items that are high-value gifts, splitting the costs between two or more friends. This can work really well if you club together to pay a couple’s rent for the year or a room in a 5-star hotel for a week. 


Some may say that gifting cash to a couple lacks imagination, but for many couples, the costs associated with a wedding can be high and though a couple may not ask for money, this is almost sure to be appreciated. Even if the couple has not given any indication that they are financially stretched with the wedding, monetary gifts allow them to plan a special date after the wedding when they may be feeling a bit flat after the excitement leading up to the wedding itself. 

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