Raila Odinga’s Plan To Transform Kenya Into a Prosperous Country

July 14, 2021

Raila Odinga is convinced that Kenyans can prosper through a deliberate plan of rural urbanization.

Taking to his social media handles, the former Prime Minister said his bottom-up approach of transforming rural areas will be key in improving the Kenyan economy.

“Going forward, and to ensure a more balanced growth, Urban Regeneration will need to go hand in hand with a very deliberate policy of Rural Transformation that makes rural life more livable and migration to cities unnecessary,” he said.

Raila said massive investment in rural infrastructure, providing reliable and cheap electricity and clean water are some of the approaches that will enhance rural development.

Other measures that will spur rural urbanization to reduce rural-urban migration include the provision of good public schools, investment in food productions, and the provision of reliable, efficient, and quality health resources, he said.

“Transforming Kenya from a poor to a prosperous country will require a very deliberate focus on turning around the fortunes of rural Kenya. It has been done in other countries. I believe it can be done in Kenya,” he said.

Raila further hinted that in the event he becomes head of the next government, he will ensure a coordinated and planned growth of rural areas.

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