Raila: I Don’t Need Uhuru’s Endorsement, Just His Vote

July 9, 2021

Raila Odinga has downplayed speculation that he is seeking an endorsement from President Uhuru Kenyatta in the 2022 general elections.

Speaking Thursday morning on Radio Citizen, the ODM leader said he does not need an endorsement from anyone, including the President.

“I am not looking for an endorsement from anyone. I don’t depend on endorsements in my life. My whole political career has been about service to the people not endorsements,” he said.

Noting that he will not discuss his plans for the upcoming elections until after the BBI, Raila said should he choose to run, he would only seek Uhuru’s vote.

“I will be looking for votes from President Uhuru and others if I decide to vie for the Presidency. I will not be looking for endorsements.”

On matters BBI, the former Prime Minister expressed confidence that the constitutional referendum is still on course.

“There is still time for a referendum. We have a year to elections. It can be done even if it gets to December…nothing stops us from doing so,” he said.

“If justice is served, reggae will come back. I am ready for the outcome of the courts. If the courts decide against us, we will accept the verdict much as we wouldn’t agree with it,” Odinga added.

The ODM leader said the petitions lodged against the BBI are unnecessary because the buck stops with the voter.

“Why would some people waste our time in courts yet they can go to wananchi and seek their view through the referendum?” he posed.

Citizens have the right to say Yes or No. Why panic? Maybe they will reject or accept the recommendations. Our team has been clear that we will accept the outcome.”

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