Kenneth Lusaka in Negotiations With Woman Seeking Sh25M For Unborn Baby

July 8, 2021

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has entered negotiations with a woman who accused him of failing to take responsibility for their unborn child.

During the mention of the case on Wednesday, Lusaka through his lawyer Peter Wanyama told the court that he has engaged the woman to settle the matter out of court.

“My client has advised me to tell the court that he’s engaging the lady concerning issues of birth maintenance… My client has an open mind… The issues of maintenance of the child will be addressed,” said Wanyama.

The woman who dragged Lusaka to court seeking Sh200,000 per month or an alternative lump sum amount of Sh25 million confirmed that they have started negotiations.

Through her lawyer Danstan Omari, the woman sought seven days to conclude the negotiations. During this time, the woman wants Ken Lusaka to buy her a house matching the standard of Lusaka’s other children.

But the Speaker opposed the demand saying 7 days are not enough to conclude negotiations and buy a house. Instead, Lusaka’s lawyer Wanyama asked the court to grant his client a month.

“It’s not correct that my client can’t make prenatal expenses ….that has been sorted …And we are saying let’s wait for the baby to be born…They are putting us under pressure to say that they need a house within seven days, who can buy a house within seven days?” Wanyama posed.

“My client has involved us lawyers to have the matter settled… The lady is three months pregnant… Because of this, it is true we are urging the court to adjourn the matter. Once the baby is born in about seven months, we can then substantively address the issue on the upkeep of the baby. I don’t think seven days will be sufficient,” the court heard.

The High court gave Kenneth Lusaka until July 28, when the matter will be mentioned for further directions.

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