3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having A Child – Tedd Josiah

July 16, 2021

Music producer Tedd Josiah continues to serve as an inspiration to parents, especially fathers.

The self-proclaimed ‘ManMom’ has been using his social media platforms to share valuable lessons he has learned as a single father. In a post this week, the businessman shared some insightful guidelines for people planning to have children.

The widowed father reckons that there are three questions one must ask before taking the big step into parenting.

Tedd Josiah wrote: “Before u have a child here are a few things u want to ask urself

1. Are u ready for ur life to be distributed TOTALLY? U will have sleepless nights, u will have days that are long long long! U will have the cries of a child that can drive u up the wall.

2. Are u ready to sacrifice everything you’ve got to make ur baby’s life better? U can’t go to the club, the pub and have that party life. It’s taken me 4 years to be able to have a couple of days off without feeling guilty or feeling like she needs you by her side all the time

3. Are u willing to be patient?
This is a tough one! When they scream for no reason, when they poop and u need to change them in the middle of the night, when they are learning to walk, or learn their ABCDs or learning to run u have to be patient with them and with urself, these are the moments they need u to be patient and love them most.”

The record producer concluded by saying: “Dads MUST be more involved in their infant and toddlers lives. Being a mom ain’t easy and u can’t outsource love giving and nurturing to ur child’s nanny! U must be the primary nurturer and love giver. LIVE ? LOVE ? LAUGH ?#RaisingJay #TheManMom.”

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