President Uhuru Kenyatta will be communicating to Central Kenya residents through Speaker Justin Muturi, the National Council of Elders patron Kung’u Muigai has reportedly said.

According to a Daily Nation report on Monday, Muigai, who is President Kenyatta’s cousin, said the plan is to have the Speaker of the National Assembly take over the Mount Kenya political mantle from Uhuru when he retires next year.

Kung’u Muigai said the plan to officially endorse Muturi as the regional kingpin had started. He said there is another plan to take him to a shrine in Mt Kenya forest where elders will enthrone him as the region’s political kingpin.

“After the process is complete, Muturi will be the Mt Kenya spokesman, with the President speaking on behalf of the entire nation. But when the President visits the region, Muturi bows to the crown,” he said.

The President’s cousin noted that Uhuru was aware of the plan to install Muturi as the Mt Kenya spokesperson.

“We will be sending him to the President and getting information from the Head of State through him,” he said.

Muigai also said that since Kenyatta and Muturi were all sons of Mt Kenya, the elders would not push for the President to “endorse” him.

The National Council of Elders patron said elders from Njuri Ncheke told the president at Sagana State Lodge earlier this year that it was time for Mt Kenya West to support someone from the East to lead the region.

“Uhuru is our son and so is Muturi and we have blessed them. We (elders) from Mt Kenya West have accepted the Speaker as our spokesperson because he is non-partisan and we will soon take him to a holy shrine for him to be crowned,” he said.

Muigai added that those opposed to Muturi’s coronation “were frogs that could not stop the cow from drinking water.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Muturi has responded to reports of a no-confidence motion against him by MPs opposed to his coronation.

Anti-Muturi lawmakers have reportedly been holding meetings in the home of a governor from Central Kenya to discuss how to force him out.

In a rejoinder, the Speaker dared: “Let them bring the motion and I will be the first to sign. That is a very minor thing, it cannot shake me. Whoever thinks he can approach the threshold, let him try.”

“I have been in the political game for long. Some of those threatening me have been in Parliament for only three years. Those against me can’t even meet the threshold to kick me out,” he told journalists at St Mark Ena Secondary School after the Embu Anglican Diocesan Education Sunday service.