Makena Njeri Blasts Media Over Coverage of Lydia Wahura Kanyoro

June 18, 2021

Former journalist Makena Njeri says she is disappointed with the manner in which local media has covered the death of Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) Pediatrician Lydia Wahura Kanyoro by apparent suicide.

The former BBC journalist reminded reporters to have a duty of care when covering sensitive stories and topics such as suicide.

A duty of care is a legal obligation (that we all have) to take reasonable steps to not cause foreseeable harm to another person. In journalism, the code of conduct stipulates that a journalist should ensure information disseminated is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair.

According to Makena Njeri, local print and radio media failed to observe this code while covering the tragic passing of Lydia Wahura.

“Journalists in Kenya! Can we please go back to school and learn duty of care? I have seen this heartbreaking story written in such a bad light and also voiced on local radio in such a bad way! Do you understand duty of care?

“Didn’t you learn it somewhere in school? Always chasing click bait and forgetting that there are human beings who are affected and she was such a beautiful soul who deserves reporting. I am so disappointed in the Local Media” wrote Makena Njeri.

On her social media post, the Bold Network Africa Founder attached a screenshot of an article titled ‘Depressed Nairobi Doctor Takes Own Life in Parking Lot’.

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