DP Ruto Assures Kenyans, “Hustler Economy will Work and Must Work”

May 6, 2021

Deputy President William Ruto has reiterated that his ‘hustlers’ economic blueprint will transform the lives of Kenyans.

Ruto pledged to implement to the letter his bottom-up economic model should he form the next government in 2022.

Speaking in an interview with the Star on Monday, Ruto expressed confidence he will succeed President Kenyatta. He also assured Kenyans that his promise to change Kenya will come to pass.

Ruto also said he would prove critics of his ‘Hustler’ movement wrong.

“I will work hard to implement every aspect of what I am pledging. The bottom-up economy will work and must work, this I can assure Kenyans and I will be accountable to them,” he told the Star at his Nairobi office.

Ruto added that many Kenyans have put their hopes on him, saying he will not let them down in the creation of jobs and refocusing the country from the Jubilee agenda, which he said has been derailed.

“The conversation has changed, out there Kenyans are discussing issues, they yearn for real change. Were it not for politics that came with the handshake, as Jubilee government, we would have done better,” he said.

“We have laid the foundation in the Big Four agenda and we will build on that to ensure the 10 million Kenyans excluded from our national workforce also board. When we say we want to transform this country, we mean it.”

Ruto said leaders and professionals from all the 47 counties have been invited to make proposals for his ‘hustlers’ economic blueprint set to be unveiled in December.

“We are having comprehensive discussions that are people-centered. It is not about tribe, religion or your status in society, but about all of us as a country.

“We are keen to tap into the huge reservoir of knowledge, talent and expertise available to inform our policy process with knowledge that is grounded in our economic reality,” the DP said.

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