Why Nameless and Wahu Took Their Sweet Time Before Releasing Joint Song

April 8, 2021

The celebrity power couple Nameless and wife Wahu recently worked together on a joint collaboration despite being in the music industry for over two decades.

With some fans wondering why they took their sweet time, Nameless and Wahu have finally explained the strategy behind the long wait.

The singers said they wanted to build their brands separately before they could release a song together.

“When we entered the industry we were already dating and we didn’t want to do the obvious thing at that time. So it was build your brand, I build my brand but sometimes she[Wahu] could put some background vocals in my songs and I also do the same in her songs… but those were not collabos.”

“We kept our brands separately and it was strictly strategically as we had to let our brands grow separately. And we knew we will come to work together sometime. So we started feeling that like a few years ago (like 6/7 years) …later on we decided to leave it to become a project of a couple of songs and it made more sense to us. We felt like we are ready like last year to do this project together” said Nameless in an interview with Pulse Live.

Wahu on her part narrated how they finally decided to release the song dubbed ‘Te Amo’.

“When Corona checked in, the ups and downs kinda reduced and we sat down and went through our why’s and there was no need to postpone this project,’ she said.

Nameless added: “It’s exciting to do this project together coz inasaidia budget, yaani two for the price of one. Unafanya video, nafanya video, hakuna kulipa main video vixen juu ndio huyu hapa and its working out.”

‘Te Amo’ is off the couple’s upcoming joint album titled ‘The Mz’ after their surname The Mathengez.

“The Mz Album Project promises a variety of sounds and topics and the team strives to release a single every month or so, as they build up to release the full album later this year and hopefully, circumstances allowing, be able to physically tour the country and East African region to promote the Album Mz Project,” they said.

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