Karen Nyamu: My Father Disowned me over Samidoh Drama

April 26, 2021

Controversial lawyer and aspiring politician Karen Nyamu has revealed how her father reacted to her recent public drama with Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh, the father of her second and youngest child.

Ms Nyamu said her father was enraged and embarrassed by her social media posts that he disowned her.

“My father was very angry with my reaction over the Samidoh issue. My furious father told me to drop his name, ‘Nyamu’, from my name as I was embarrassing him with the social media posts. I was saddened to see my father hurt over the issue,” she said in an interview with Lifestyle.

Nyamu said she and Samidoh resolved their differences following a family meeting.

“We have agreed not to raise the issue again especially in the media,” she said.

Karen also acknowledged that she is not a stranger to controversy.

“I am that lady who doesn’t fake it. I am real.

“I don’t fear controversy. Controversy always follows me,” Karen added.

On dating, Karen said she is content being single unless a potential suitor convinces her that marriage is worth it.

“I will need a man who will convince me that I can be happier in marriage than when I’m single.

“Being alone does not mean that you have not settled down. But if you have to stay with a man, he has to work hard to convince you he is worth it,” Nyamu told Lifestyle.

Adding: “About dating some of the wealthiest and powerful men in the country, I am often accused of having affairs with men who I have never even met.”

“Wealthier and older men slow down the thinking of women intending to pursue professional careers.”

On politics, Karen Nyamu said she intends to vie for a seat in the 2022 polls.

“I am still going for the woman representative position. As an elected leader, I will push for legislation to deal with the youth bulge and unemployment. I want it to be for the youth and especially young women; to inspire them, or help them in some way,” she said.

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