Guns Galore: Kinoti Trashes Citizen TV Exposé on Guns for Hire

April 21, 2021

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti has dismissed Citizen TV’s ‘Guns Galore’ exposé as “inaccurate and highly sensational”.

The exposé aired on Sunday, April 18 showing how police officers allegedly hire out guns, police uniforms, bulletproof vests, and handcuffs to criminals and unlicensed members of the public.

Responding to the ‘Guns Galore’ report, George Kinoti held a live broadcast on TV Tuesday to prove that the guns obtained and submitted by Citizen TV’s parent company Royal Media Services do not belong to the National Police Service(NPS).

“These guns do not belong to our police force, all our firearms have certain characteristics that these ones do not have as our ballistic expert will show you, ” the DCI boss said.

One of the firearms, an AK-47, lacked the serial number that is typical of rifles issued to Kenyan security agencies, Kinoti stated.

“This gun is a copy of the Russian AK-47 made in China, its parts are also from different guns as their serials do not correspond with the gun’s serial number,” said Charles Mwongera, the directorate’s ballistic expert.

He also debunked a Turkish-made pistol recovered during the exposé saying it is a non-lethal firearm readily available at licensed gun shops and in the criminal world.

“We call this a baby pistol, you would normally find it in the criminal world, they have recently been on the increase, it is not a strong weapon.

“This type of magazine can be bought from any licensed guns and ammunition dealer, same with these rounds of ammunition which appear to have been from a hand-gun,” Mr. Mwongera explained.

Kinoti claimed the ‘Guns Galore’ report was aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the police service.

“The report seemed to be a malicious attempt to discredit the National Police Service; we can only conclude that it was aimed at creating public pandemonium over the management of the security sector.

“We have filed a complaint with the Media Council of Kenya against the station,” said Kinoti.

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