12 Quickfire Questions With DJ Pierra Makena

April 26, 2021

Pierra Makena has made a name for herself in the Kenyan entertainment scene in a number of roles. In addition to being a DJ, Pierra Makena is a media personality with a background in radio and an event organiser.

She is also a seasoned actress since the days of Tausi, Kisulisuli, Tahidi High, Changes and Just in Time.

DJ Pierra Makena recently turned 40 and revealed some little-known fun facts about herself.

Turning 40, is exciting just not sure what it holds. I will have to find out in a couple of years.

The secret to remaining youthful is minding your own business, caring less about what others say of you, exercising, keeping an eye on diet and drinking enough water.

Majority still don’t believe that I’m good at acting or the fact that I started acting while I was still underage.

One vital lesson motherhood has taught me is that it’s not that difficult as many perceive it. It’s an interesting experience.

The most ridiculous rumour I ever heard about me is that I date prominent people. I find that ridiculous.

Favourite city I ever set foot in is Capetown. Ooh! Boy how much I love Capetown! The city is just a beauty and full of life and energy.

The first question I ask when I’m out on a first date with a guy is his belief. I always like to find out if he believes in God or if he is an atheist or something. This helps me to understand on what level we might be able to connect.

A weird question I once asked a doctor would probably be when I wanted to find out the sex of my child immediately I learnt that I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to know but was told I had to wait for a couple of weeks.

If I could be an instant expert in one thing that would be a CIA or FBI operative (detective). There is too much evil in this world I would want to find out and help fix.

One thing I wish I heard learnt sooner is that you need to attract what works around you. Understanding that life is about me and not them, other people. You don’t need to pay attention to what others think of you or what surrounds them.

Something people need to practice more is respect and minding their own business.

My second sentence of an advisory letter to a 25-year-old self would be, focus on your dreams and not those of other people. Try not to be carried away with what other people expect of you, just focus on you and keep pushing no matter how hard it is.


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