When Nairobi Green Park Bus Terminus Will Be Completed (PHOTOS)

March 18, 2021

Construction works at the Nairobi Green Park Bus Terminus are 95 percent complete, the Nairobi Metropolitan Services(NMS) has said.

NMS Director of Transport and Public Works, Eng. Michael Ochieng’, said the remaining final touches will be completed this week.

“The terminus is about 95% complete, we have some % sections to complete this week. We intend to do our best, as you’re aware we’re doing 24-hour shifts, to ensure that this terminus is tested before the end of this week,” he said.

Mr Ochieng noted that the park has been expanded to accommodate boda bodas and taxis as well as other public amenities.

“The terminus also has a place for other services in addition to the PSVs…we have a place for taxis, boda bodas, so that all transport modes will be taken care of. We have also put a very elaborate non-motorised transport system in which you can cycle and walk about.”

The park will be able to hold up to 300 matatus at any one time. The PSVs will have 30 minutes to pick passengers before exiting.

“In the event that vehicles break down here, they will not be on the road…we’ll have a service station in which they can get serviced. We’ll have a restaurant here, a supermarket, a health center, and a police station for the purposes of security control,” added Eng. Ochieng.

Chairman of the Association of Matatu Owners, Jamal Ibrahim, welcomed the bus park saying: “Everything is inside this green park…this is the first time since independence that the government has invested heavily in the transport sector.”

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