Pupil Arrested After Stoning Teacher to Death

March 17, 2021

Police in Kakamega County are holding a Class Six pupil over the death of a teacher in Shihumbu Village, Shinyalu Constituency.

The minor reportedly hit the deceased, Maurice Khataka, with a stone following a disagreement at the teacher’s home on Sunday, March 14.

The deceased, who is said to be the boy’s teacher and uncle, is said to have scolded the boy for trespassing into his home to draw water from his well.

During the ensuing argument, the 14-year-old boy hurled a stone at the teacher, striking him on the forehead.

Khataka succumbed to the injury while undergoing treatment.

The wife of the deceased, Eveline Mwenje, recounted the fatal Sunday incident: “The boy entered our compound while carrying several jerry cans. My husband stopped him from fetching water from the well. The boy started walking away. However, before he could go far, he picked a fairly big stone and threw it at my husband, hitting him on the head.”

“I rushed my husband to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after being admitted to the facility,” she said.

Mwenje also mentioned that her spouse and the boy had protracted differences, dating back to last year when the pupil stole Khataka’s items.

“Last year, the boy stole my husband’s phone and radio,” said Mwenje.

Shinyalu OCPD Robert Makau said pupil from Shihumbu Primary School is being held in lawful custody at Shisasari Police Station.

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