OUTRAGE As Govt Spokesman Cyrus Oguna Tells Kenyans To Stop Crying Over Rising Taxes, Fuel Prices

March 17, 2021

Days after Kenya’s energy regulator EPRA hiked fuel prices to a nine-year high, government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna rubbed salt into the wounds of Kenyans who continue to decry the high cost of living.

While responding to the outrage over the rising fuel costs and increased taxation, Oguna in a press briefing on Tuesday, March 16 told oppressed Kenyans to stop crying and support the govt instead.

“Let us not cry all the time. We should ask ourselves what we’re doing to help the government,” he said.

Oguna went as far as comparing Kenya to European countries, arguing that Kenyans pay peanuts in taxes compared to the more developed Western countries.

“I can tell you this, the amount of taxes people pay in Europe is nothing compared to what you’re paying here, you shouldn’t be crying,” he said.

“So, we’re crying when we shouldn’t be crying. We should be standing firm and say that this is our government, we will support it. That’s all I’m asking each one of us. Let’s stand firm and support our govt… let’s not cry all the time, sawa sawa?” Oguna posed condescendingly.

Fittingly, Kenyans were left fuming and took to social media platforms to berate Oguna for his exasperating remarks.

Below is a video of Oguna and some reactions.

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