Nairobi Police Boss Warns Bar Owners, Patrons Hiding In Bars, “We’re Everywhere”

March 31, 2021

Nairobi police commander Augustine Nthumbi has cautioned bar owners and their revelers against violating President Uhuru Kenyatta’s closure order.

Nthumbi said bar owners risk losing their licenses while patrons could find themselves cleaning city streets and markets.

“And we have done it in the previous few days. We break in and arrest all the people in there. We are grateful that the judiciary has been helping us on that. Around 74 people were sentenced under a community service order and that is where the Nairobi Metropolitan Service came in and assigned them to clean city streets and markets for a day,” said the police chief.

Nthumbi noted that some bars have been locking revelers inside the establishments to drink. He warned that his officers are monitoring bars closely to bring culprits to book.

“We are going to the bars and listening from outside to confirm that there are no people inside. There is no escape. We are everywhere,” he said.

Nthumbi added that officers have heightened surveillance in Nairobi to ensure total compliance with the 8 pm -to 4 am curfew.

At the same time, Nthumbi said police roadblocks have been mounted in all sub-counties to enforce the curfew and cessation of movement directives.

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