Career Path With Event Planner, DJ And Economist, Edwin Chichi Nyukuri

March 29, 2021

Edwin Chichi Nyukuri is the founder of Esoundsgroup, an outfit that plans events as well as providing sound and audio-visual services for events.

Chichi, 29, is also a trained economist and a DJ. He shared his career journey with the Nation:

Tell us about your childhood and family life
I am the first born in a family of five, two brothers and two sisters. I was born in and raised in Western Province

Educational background
I went to school in Western Province both in primary and secondary level. I attended Nzoia Sugar Company Primary School after which I joined Teremi High School for my Secondary School education. I then relocated to Nairobi for my college studies. I first went to Kenyatta University for an Economics and Finance course. I stayed there for two years before I joined Daystar University where I completed the course. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation.

Share with us your career journey
I started out as a producer after learning the ropes at Kamata School of Music in 2014. I fully ventured into the trade while at the same time organising events at clubs and outdoor events.

What do you remember most about your career journey?
I still connect with those people I looked up to and learnt vital skills in the events industry.

How has your career progression been over the years?
I have built a trusted clientele base that always sought me out to plan their events and deliver services. I have also acquired equipment needed for the planning and hosting events. I thank the team I work with for my success so far.

What has been the key driver of your growth?
I’m very passionate about events planning and event service delivery. I have learnt to strive to offer services that will satisfy my clients because the best gift you will get from your client is referrals. I have worked for prominent clients which has encouraged me to keep going. That said, the events industry is very stressful and failure is part of the game. But failure opens your eyes to things you didn’t know.

Who are the people who influenced your career growth?
I can single out Kevin Mulei, the CEO of Mo Sounds, and the late Big Kev, the CEO of Trueblaq, and DJ Travis. These three people have taught me the virtue of humility coupled with innovation.

Key decisions you might have taken along your career?
To always be open for change and keep chasing my dreams

Your current role and scope
I am a DJ, event planner and blogger for my outfit called Esoundsgroup.

What would you tell your younger self?
I guess nothing because everything is laid out by God.

What would you advise the youth in Kenya and Africa?
Network with the right people and put their ideas into no matter the circumstances because you never know who is watching.

Your future career plans?
I’m working on an event platform that will change how events are hosted in our country and Africa at large. We are also looking to expand our horizons to other towns and be the most sought-after brand when it comes to events planning and service delivery.

Your parting shot?
I’m grateful to have a team that makes sure we give you the best services, the likes of DJ Travis and Karmelloyhpe, and Alvin Mammo.

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