Tall Tales from the Casino

February 18, 2021

Ever heard of Lady Luck? Whilst she’s not an actual person, you’ll often hear of this lucrative figure when the chance for a win comes into play. Before you embark on your own casino online journey, why not take a look at some of the most exciting stories from the history of casino gaming, to give you a little bit of inspiration for your next session!

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Tale #1 – The Lady and the Craps

The lady in question is Patricia DeMauro, an elderly grandmother from New Jersey who enjoyed a game or two of Craps down at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. Craps is a classic dice game where players are asked to place bets on the outcome of the roll, or series of rolls, with a single pair of dice. When playing this game, you’ll also have the chance to wager against other players’ chances of winning – if you fancy adding a little more fun into the mix. 

On 23rd May 2009, DeMauro settled down for a game of Craps and ended up leaving the table as a World Record holder. Over a period of four hours and 18 minutes, DeMauro managed to throw the dice a whopping 154 times without rolling a number seven even once! To help you understand how incredible that truly is – the chances of not rolling a seven are only one in 1.56 trillion. 

What’s more, with 154 rolls of the dice, DeMauro also set the record for the highest number of successive dice rolls ever seen in one game. The previous record was set by an anonymous man back in 2005, with just 147 rolls. Well, DeMauro made light work of that Mr. Anonymous!

Tale #2 – The Ferris Wheel gambler

Kerry Packer is known by many for his outlandish betting habits, fuelled by the money he has earned from being a media tycoon and founder of the World Series Cricket. Packer has made a name for himself in the gambling world with the huge loses and wins he’s made on card tables all around the world. 

Packer’s gameplay has been known to be unpredictable – an infamous trip to the casino in London cost the star a pretty penny. But, on the flipside, a session on the card tables earnt the player 33 million dollars over at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas – so it’s not all bad.

When casinos see Kerry Parker approaching, they really don’t know what to expect!

Tale #3 – The Roulette Ruler

This time we join Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, a record producer and mathematical genius in Madrid, as he makes a name for himself at the Roulette tables. Pelayo boasts huge profits from the game, all thanks to a new playing method that he invented. By using statistical analysis and identifying the imperfections of the Roulette wheel itself, he was able to deduce that there was a higher probability for certain numbers to come out. 

Pelayo spent years doing his research before debuting this new method, and finished his Roulette career with an estimated accumulation of 250 million pesetas in winnings.

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