Omanga For President? Senator’s Hint Sparks Wild Reactions

February 25, 2021

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga once again ruffled feathers on social media after she hinted at a presidential run in 2022.

The controversial lawmaker had taken to her social media accounts on Wednesday, February 24 to celebrate having one million followers.

In her post, Omanga joked that the number of her followers was enough to make her a presidential candidate in the next general election.

“ASANTENI SANA 1,106,000 MILLION FOLLOWERS. Hawa 1 million followers mkifanya zikuwe kura si nimetosha kuwa Presidential Candidate 2022. Ama mnasema aje watu wangu?” posed Omanga.

Unfortunately, some of Omanga’s 1 million-strong followers did not take kindly to her presidential taunt and used the opportunity to body-shame the politician.

Others pointed out the obvious error in Omanga’s metrics, which she arrived at by adding follower numbers from three different platforms.

Here are some sampled reactions:

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